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There are many advantages to being a member of RAFWARMA.

Members receive an annual BWF Events Calendar which details all BWF(IVV) registered walking events (plus cycle and swimming events) within the United Kingdom.

Membership reduces the cost of entry into the Annual Two Day March, Winter Walk and the purchase of RAFWARMA memorabilia. If a member, or affiliated club member, takes part in a RAFWARMA sponsored event (Overseas) they may also receive a subsidy.

RAFWARMA members also benefit from 20% discount on clothing purchases from Cotswold Outdoor - see the links page for more details.

join RAFWARMA and start enjoying all the membership benefits!

Full Membership

Full Membership is open to:
All serving members of the Royal Air Force;
All serving members of Reserve Air Forces (Full Time Reserve Service (FTRS), Royal Auxiliary Air Force, RAFVR(Training Branch), RAFVR(University Air Squadron), RAFVR(Defence Technical Undergraduate Scheme); and
RAF Air Cadets Uniformed Cadet Force Adult Volunteers (CFAV)

Membership cost is £12.00 per year

Affiliate Membership

Affiliate Membership is open to:
All serving members of other HM Forces;
All serving members of commonwealth forces;
All serving Air Cadet Organisation Civilian Instructors;
CFAVs of the other cadet forces; Cadet members of MOD recognised cadet forces over the age of 18;
All serving members of other national armed forces; and
Retired members who previously would have been Full and Associate members.

Membership cost is £12.00 per year

Associate Membership

Associate Membership is open to:
Civilians employed by, or working with, the RAF or Reserve Air Forces; and
Civilians specially invited by RAFWARMA after many years of support to the organisation and who are agreed by a majority vote at the Annual General Meeting (AGM).

Membership cost is £12.00 per year

Family Membership

Family membership can be taken out to cover the members of a Full/Affiliated/Associated Members family. All correspondence will be sent to the main members address.

Membership cost is £3.00 per year per family member in addition to the main member

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Affiliated Club Membership

Royal Air Force Clubs, Societies and Units and other British Military Walking Clubs (Including Cadet Forces) can apply for affiliation to RAF WARMA. Membership then entitles them to a single copy of the BWF Events Calendar. If requested, advice and, wherever possible, assistance in units organising their own walking event will be given. In addition, members of affiliated clubs will receive the benefits of any financial subsidy to RAFWARMA sponsored events.

Membership cost is £30.00 per year for club membership.

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